You can be anything you want to be; Where your mommy went wrong.

June 19, 2016

I am not going to cite research papers about how anyone can be Einstein. Like anything else today, I can find evidence to support or deny that claim.

I am going to speak from my experience growing up an average pain-in-the-rear child, an average student, an average unemployable person, an average boyfriend, and generally just an average fella.

I am not sure how much part does nature play in dictating how smart we are. But by the time most of us who want to be a super smart person who gets super rich in an age where they can actually enjoy it, start thinking about it, formative years of nurture have already passed. We can’t be Elon Musk. We can’t just “become” that smart.

We can’t become anyone whom we want to be, but, there’s nothing stopping us from doing anything we want to do. So much focus has been put on being sharp, but very little on increasing the surface area of your success by trying anything you want. Rest is just dumb luck.

For some this will be obvious. I am mostly writing this for myself to read in times of doubt. What has worked for me is to just put myself in a situation.

Try the solution that comes to mind. Tinker and tweak to optimize. Move on if it doesn’t work. Humbly accept a standing ovation when it does.