Where did we go wrong?

A poignant question that we must introspect into is how different our behavior would have been, if we were treated brutally during our childhood. Life as they say is the reflection of the past.Would we not have reciprocated similar behavior and perform similar action? After all aren’t we humans?

A child who has had a rough childhood in poverty with hardly any education will is less likely to grow up to be a responsible citizen. He is likely to feel like a failure and be hopeless about his future more often than not. In order to prove his superiority over his affluent peers he/she will surely try to dominate over everyone around him/her. This domination will begin with acts such as throwing a tantrum. It will then evolve into getting involved in fights at school maybe even bullying. If this behavior is not tapped at the right moment and is allowed to grow on, these kinds of people will become the criminals of our society, maybe even rapists.  All children who have experienced trauma are not criminals but all criminals are children who have experienced trauma. To further support the above mentioned facts, a recent study concluded that the juvenile justice system has found higher rates of childhood abuse as compared to the rest of the population.

Animals especially the stray and weak ones might also be a victim of such a person’s frustration and anger. Being shooed away and hit by stones all the time, these animals turn hostile and unfriendly to the human race. It is not their nature to attack unless provoked. Dogs especially are known for their friendly and playful disposition.

Even educated families today teach their children to stay away from the dogs on the street instead of ever offering them some food or informing a veterinarian if they see a sick dog. This is a result of their over protected bringing up.

We will see a total different behavior from these animals if we were to show a little compassion and try to coexist. “Great opportunities to help others seldom come but small ones surround us everyday.”