Where do you get your naringenin?

August 25, 2018

By George Martin


Not one person who doesn’t eat grapefruits has ever been asked, “Where do you get your naringenin?”

Why is this?

The answer lies not in the fact that naringenin is not an important nutrient — it is! Rather, it is because the grapefruit industry is not as powerful as the meat and dairy industries, and thus does not have the high levels of propaganda those two industries have.

The meat and dairy industries have managed to monopolise protein, calcium, and iron in the minds of the majority of people and make it seem as if these nutrients are the only nutrients in existence, and indeed that these are the only foods that contain these nutrients.

The truth is that, not only are these nutrients easily found elsewhere, but there are a whole host of nutrients the average person hasn’t even heard of — because there isn’t propaganda for pears, grapefruits, durians, pecans, or artichokes. I call protein, calcium, iron, etc. the Hollywood nutrients, because they are the ones that have been blasted into stardom.

So the next time you ask me where I get my protein: just be prepared for me to ask you where you get your delphinidin, hydroxytyrosol, rutin, pinoresinol, or naringenin.