When I ask people why don’t they kill themselves, they take it personally.

May 31, 2016

I am not asking anyone to kill themselves; although it might not entirely be a horrible idea for some folks to give it some serious thought. Think about it. You had no say in being born, but you do have a say in continuing to live.

I am not advocating suicide. Just asking giving some serious thought to why live. You come from a long line of survivors. Right from that first micro-organism to your parents; that’s a long unbroken chain of survivors that produced you. You are hard wired to live. That’s your primal brain making you angry about someone challenging what you consider your basic right.

Think about it. Every day you struggle. Every day you take risk of physical pain. Emotional pain. What is it for? What’s the reward? Are you living for love? beauty? pleasure? That all is only needed only after the fact. It’s needed if you are alive. Living for things that feel nice if you are alive seems circular.

Not even thinking about how your life is snuffing out other live forms. Mostly we go about our lives “If I am not helping, at least I am not harming”. Fuck that. Nothing could be further from truth. Your every action comes at the cost of another.

Think about it. All the risk we are taking. All the harm we are causing. I can only hope that we choose to live and make every day count. The beginning and end is pre-determined, if we leave the journey to be on auto-pilot, what’s the point? Why wait?