Saif is dreaming big!

December 10, 2017

He dreams of growing big and strong like a bull should. He dreams of living to adulthood.

We are trying to help him get there, but most bulls like Saif don’t have much of a chance. They are considered waste even as they first open their eyes, and most are taken from their mothers not long after.

Saif has spent a few months with us, healed completely (, and turned into a strong and lively young calf! He has had his mother with him the whole time. Unfortunately we cannot keep all our rescued cows permanently, so they have been returned to their area.

We left them both with reflective collars and Sharmila has reflective tape on her horns. We hope at least they won’t be hit by cars in the night this way.

If you want to help other calves like Saif, please consider sponsoring one for Rs 1500 for one month. It can save a life!

You can:
1) PayTM to 9999429144
2) Credit Card to
3) Direct Transfer and other options can be found at