Pamela Anderson was in trouble.

November 29, 2017
See the resemblance? …No?

She is a stray cow, surviving on the road after being abandoned. She contracted hoof rot, a horrible infection which eats away her foot slowly. Then the wound was infested by maggots.

Her hoof is basically missing; only the heel is left.

She was brought to us by some good people in Nagrota, who drove her 25 kilometres to get here. She clearly has had a tough life — she is an older cow and is missing one ear — so this kindness makes all the difference to her!

Her horrible wound.

If you want to show Pamela a little kindness to brighten her days, please consider sponsoring her for Rs 1400 (22 USD) per month!

You can:
1) PayTM 9999 429 144
2) Credit Card to
3) See other options at

(Wondering why we named her Pamela? Because she is vegan, beautiful, and has the “smouldering smokey-eye” look down!)