Laxmi’s leg was brutally fractured…

February 14, 2018

Our Recipe to Heal a Cow:

Laxmi ( came to Peepal Farm with a severe fracture from an accident. The person who hit her didn’t bother to help, but luckily someone called us when they saw her struggling!

Here was our recipe to heal her: Ingredients:

  1. Medicines (Antibiotics, Pain Killers, Plaster),
  2. 2) Grass, feed, and calcium supplements,
  3. 3) Lots of Love!

Mix together and let rest for 5 months! :)

To buy these ingredients (except for the love) we need your help! It costs Rs 1500 for us to keep a cow for one month. Please sponsor one of our cows!

You can:

  1. PayTM to 9999429144
  2. 2) Credit Card to…/…
  3. 3) Direct Transfer and other options can be found at