If Only She Could Speak…

May 22, 2018

If only she could speak, and tried to reason with them, maybe they would have let her stay. But obviously that was not going to happen. After all, she didn’t know their language.

It was easier to replace her than to treat her. Probably it happened in the dark of the night, far away from her home. Homeless, in severe pain from her injury, and with yet another difficult pregnancy, she found her way to us.

A few months later, she gave birth to a baby girl. We named her Chandani. Unlike all of her previous babies, who were taken away within a month, Chandani stayed with her mother for her full 7 month weaning. Diva must have thought that this time she could finally keep her child.

But the harsh reality for dairy cows, is that there is no safe haven which can promise ‘happily ever after’ for them together. Chandani found a home with good people, where although she will still lead a hard life of a dairy cow, she will have a chance to graze freely and won’t be abandoned in old age.

As for Diva, we aren’t sure what her future will bring. We are a recovery center — not a cow shelter — and don’t have space to take her permanently. She can’t find a home because she is considered “damaged goods”.

Ditch Dairy. It’s unhealthy any way. Google it!