How to replace plastic with cow poop in 6 steps?

May 30, 2016

Those of us who have or like to think that we have a green thumb are all too familiar with this site in the plant nurseries. It’s nothing short of a massacre. All these plastic bags end up in a landfill in the best case scenario. Mostly they are burnt, or end up in ocean or in a cow’s stomach (yup, one of the leading cause of deaths of stray cows in India).

We present you “Cow poo pots” (cow dung pots), not only do they save the environment, they are better for your garden too!


Unlike plants started in a plastic pot or a plastic bag, the plants that are started in a cow dung pot can be planted directly in the ground without having to disturb their root ball. Once the plant gets bigger, it’s root will have a nice manure package to grow into.

We are selling (email [email protected]) these pots for Rs. 15 each to help us offset the cost we bear for helping injured stray cows and bulls recover at our home. We are hoping that the villagers who have unproductive cows and bulls will also make these pots and offset their maintenance costs. That goes a big way towards reducing cow abandonment!

See how it’s made!

Thanks Holy Cow Foundation for the machine to make them!

Steps 1 to 6

Step 1: Collect cow poop
Step 2: Make sure there are no earth worms in it.
Step 3: Fill the mold
Step 4: Compress!
Step 5: Pull it out
Step 6: Model with it and let it sun dry for a day before you use it!