Her eyes speak volumes.

September 27, 2016

Look closely. In Gaia’s eyes you can see her story.

She came to us reluctantly, but she was easy for us to catch. You see, we had her puppies. The rest had been killed by other stray dogs. She fought hard to save the remaining three, and she wasn’t going to let them go easily.

In the moment of this picture, she came out from her kennel for the first time at the farm. She looked around to see green all around, dogs playing, people laughing. She is still worried. She still anxiously counts her pups. She still cringes to be touched. But something so simple as a biscuit has begun to bring wags to her tail and she cowers a little less in a corner.

Gaia will never have to worry about her pups again. That is our gift to her.

Peepal Farm is a safe place for recovering stray animals. If you like rescue dogs like Gaia, click the ❤ below.