Happy Valentine's Day.

February 18, 2020

Deviating from our usual reporting, today we will talk about the suffering of humans. Humans, unlike other animals carry a vast emptiness within them. Along with that emptiness is a promise of happiness, which will be fulfilled once they meet the right person, who will carry them out of this empty miserable desert. The true lover's embrace will liberate you. Heh.

Two lost people shackled to each other - with the commitments made to each other when they were young and inexperienced - have as much a chance of finding their nirvana as much as two broken cups have of coming together to become whole. Brought up in a society where everyone is pretending to be happily coupled, we even chose to ignore
the bitterness we ourselves as children witnessed between our parents. Dismissing them as exceptions and not the norm.

Further, crushed under the weight of norms set by society about what true romance should look like, where your partner is your best friend, your therapist, your guide, your mentor, and is great in bed too ... forever! What was supposed to be a fountain of eternal happiness
becomes a poisoned well you have to drink from every day. What began with a misguided promise of perpetual passion and excitement, becomes a guarantee of discomfort and contempt.

Are we fated to be doomed? No. Our heart can be as much as a source of light as it can be of darkness. But, just like you don't give into every demand of a child, don't follow every whim of your heart, and think. Think about why you are living. Think about your purpose, your journey. Carve out your path of life before you bring someone in it, or before you join someone on theirs.

Remember, a relationship is only as happy as the least happy person in it. And the only people truly happy in a relationship long term, are the ones who are also happy out of it.

Happy Valentine's Day ❤️