Calendula Miracles.

April 7, 2017

‘Calendula’ is an ornamental cum medicinal flower found in most gardens. It blooms during spring time like most flowers and has amazing healing properties.

Calendula flower

It is used to make balms and oils, which work on sprains and bruises since it possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula oil can also be used on chapped skin! We use it for our animals to cure bruises, and have found it to be very effective. Below is a video explaining what you can do to extract the oil from the petals or save the seeds for future planting.

The next step is to dry the petals, and place them in an oil based medium. We have used coconut oil here. The oil from the petals then gets infused into the oil you chose to make the balm/lotion.

Drying calendula petals
Dry petals in coconut oil.