A Bull Named Sudama

March 23, 2018

Sudama — named for the friend of Lord Krishna — could use some of his namesake’s fortune.

He got an injury (we are not sure how) which ruptured his urethra. His own urine began accumulating below his skin and caused an extreme infection. He is a stray bull so no one attended it. It grew and grew, until it became infested with maggots.

Finally a good Samaritan noticed Sudama’s plight. He called us and we immediately picked him up to be treated.

The doctors who attended him were shocked. They are not sure what his chances are now, but we decided to try to help him. They cut a gap for the urine to pass through, and we have sutured it up except for a small opening to continue flushing out the infection. We removed all the maggots, now we will have to continue his antibiotics and cleaning, and wait to see how he responds.

Bulls like Sudama are considered waste to a dairy industry which values profit over the welfare of animals. They are either tied away from their mothers as calves and slowly starved, or left on the street to fend for themselves.

If you want to help bulls like Sudama, then ditch dairy.

If you can’t bring yourself to do that, then you can donate towards their treatment by:

  1. PayTM to 9999429144
  2. Credit Card to
  3. Direct Transfer and other options can be found athttp://peepalfarm.org/?p=support