100% recycled Jute Growbags

March 2, 2019

These grow bags are made from 100% recycled jute bags by girls from our village. These are a great way to start seeds.

to purchase 10 bags @ Rs. 100

Benefits of Jute grow bags

  1. They provide excellent drainage, so you don’t have to worry about overwatering.
  2. They allow air to enter, and roots to come out thorugh bottom and sides. This causes air pruning (roots naturally prune by the air), which makes the plant sprout new roots and create a healthier root ball as opposed to root coiling caused in plastic grow bags.
  3. You can plant the sapling directly without needing to remove the bag. This eliminates root shock, and you generate zero waste.

What’s in the package?

4 SMALL recycled jute bags — 4 inch wide x 4.5 inch tall
3 MEDIUM recycled jute bags — 4.5 inch wide x 5.5 inch tall
3 LARGE recycled jute bags — 5 inch wide x 6.5 inch tall

to purchase 10 bags @ Rs. 100

Why is Peepal Farm making and selling Jute grow bags?

We had started making and selling products to spread awareness abour our work — all our products carry a small message encouraging compassion towards animals, and to fund our animal rescue work.

Initially making products ourselves, with the help of volunteers we started hiring girls from the village to scale things up. As the word spread, we started getting more women approaching us for employment. Quite a few of them need to have financial independence due to being in families where the patriarch sadly has chosen alcohol over family.

To provide year round employment, we need products we can produce and sell in all seasons, all over India. In alignment with our philosophy we try to create products with utility and a lower suffering footprint.

to purchase 10 bags @ Rs. 100