“The illusion of separateness has been learnt and engrained”

August 6, 2019

Thinking about veganism.

Looking at the planet and its species from a ‘oneness’ point of view is rare. The more aware we are about the fact that we not only co-exist with other life on this planet, we are all a small part of one giant collective that in fact cannot survive, and cannot die as small parts alone without largely impacting the whole.

We as the human species are, at large, the reason for the planet no longer being in natural equilibrium. Dying animals and species every day. Pollution. Global warming. War. Suffering.

The illusion of separateness has been learnt and engrained within our (just one) species alone. Life has been learned through comparative political, economical, psychological and emotional points of view, however I have come to realise the truth about life cannot be taught and needs to be realised.

This separateness and untrue image of life has set a precedence for the way we view our ‘individual’ suffering, other species’ suffering and the planet suffering, if we have the energy /consciousness to see it all.

It will take not only exposure to the suffering caused by humans in selfish and non-compassionate ways, but more awareness and understanding of our selves, our souls, and the way in which our own suffering exists, and fitting it in with the planet suffering as a whole.

The problem remains that if individuals do not understand their own suffering, how do they understand the suffering they’ve caused? This is not an excuse. It’s a deeper understanding that suffering is a result of suffering. So how to break the cycle?