“Sometimes, one does not appreciate something until it is threatened, or indeed crumbles…

May 26, 2016

I’m a film-maker from London. I moonlight as an independent documentary maker whilst creating promo films and corporates and freelancing as a sound recordist to bay the bills.

Having recently finished my degree I have time for one last travel binge before knuckling down and getting serious about my career. India attracted me because it is big, diverse and spiritual!

I would say the biggest turning point in my life has been my time at university. Looking back, I feel this 4-year period has seen me develop most significantly as a person. My creativity has blossomed, and I feel certain experiences during this time really strengthened my character.

Certain events in my life have unlocked a greater compassion and appreciation for those whom I Iove and are close to me. It’s very true to say that, sometimes, one does not appreciate something until it is threatened, or indeed crumbles altogether. But there are always positives, and making the most of these, as well as having the wherewithal to seize new and unexpected opportunities is a persistent challenge we all face throughout our lives.

My personal philosophy is simple. Live and let live; pursue your passions and purposes, just don’t hurt anyone else in the process.

When I return home I plan to move to Bristol and get stuck into my career as a film-maker. But first I’ll have a Sunday roast at mum’s.