“Letting go of ‘friends’; and holding onto the few that matter is a challenge.”

May 26, 2016

I’m from San Diego, CA U.S.A; I consider my home San Francisco, CA. I graduated from the University of San Francisco w/ BA in Business Admin; International Business. I ran around town on my 80’s Schwinn road bike, which I loved, ate amazing food with even more diverse conversations, lost my wallet a couple times, and picked up the scents of roses on 12th and Fulton in Golden Gate Park.

playing with dhanotu, our rescued bull.

India has always been a special place for me. My ancestors’ migrated from Iran to Gujarat way back when. However, my Dad and Uncle were born in Nairobi, Kenya, which is where they would eventually grow up. Fast forward 60 years, I decided to pull the anchor up, and turn these stories into a memory of my own.

Not too long ago, maybe 6 or 7 months, I made a big call. I decided to leave the city I call home, quit my job in the nascent tech grid of San Francisco, break-off a 3yr relationship, and sail to the other side of everything I’ve ever known. I couldn’t be happier.

Letting go of ‘friends’; and holding onto the few that matter is a challenge.

It’s always difficult to prune relationships, especially at my age of 24, but so important. I’m blessed with some really great souls. I want to fill my life with love and appreciation. There’s a fruitful journey ahead.

— David