“It took losing a job and almost losing a loved one to realize — Life’s too short!”

March 20, 2019

Originally from Alberta, Canada, Dorene and Troy have been friends of the farm for about 3 years now. They live location independent alternative lifestyle and volunteer with places and organizations which can use their help.

“I was a Marketing Director for Beer, Wine and Spirits companies for
most of my career and Troy worked as a videographer and editor. Although we no longer work corporate jobs, we have taken these skills and try to help as many people and organizations as we can.”

“Our first time in India was actually applying for Peepal Farm volunteer project with Moving Worlds. It was almost an excuse for us to finally come here, as we were putting it off for years — because of fears and perceptions. So we went all in and booked a trip for 3 months.”

“About 6 years ago, after losing my job, seeing my cousin fighting for his life — -and we both said — “What the hell are we doing with our lives?” and why are we putting off our dreams? Life really is way too short to just be going through the motions — like we were.”

“Realizing that the world wasn’t what we thought it was was definitely a turning point in our lives — I was brought up to believe it was one way, but in fact, it’s quite different. This realization came from a lot of pain, loss, hardships, frustration, and much needed personal, professional and lifestyle change.”

“Our life mantra and goal is to spread the world of Living a Conscious Life — Eyes wide open — choices made in the present which are informed and deliberate. I developed a Manifesto of 8 Important Steps to a Conscious Life,
that explains what I mean.”


“After India, we plan to return to our current home base of Colombia, SA — continue with work on projects that help our clients share their important messages to the world.”

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