“Is it my fault that I am healed?”

June 2, 2016

Is it my fault that I am a female. It it my fault that I am black? I was born on the streets as my mother was not sterilized. The sad part of my life is that the best thing that happened to me was that I got hit by a vehicle and landed with these people who helped me heal. I thought I found a home, but no, I am healed and I’ll have to go back on the street and take my chances there.

Around here in Dharamsala, like most of India, people tend to go for tough male black dogs or other “breeds”.

Find me a home which wants a friend, not a glorified piece of furniture. Find me a home where people want a dog as a friend and not as a status symbol. 
Find me a home where the man in house can be man enough on his own accord and does not need a tough dog to compensate for his lackluster machismo.

Find me a home or wish me luck.

— Nicky

PS: I am near Dharamsala and you can reach my people at [email protected] or WhatsApp +91 9999 429 144

PPS: I am very playful and can be somewhat silly, and here are some of the moments my foster parents have captured.