“I quit my job and emptied my apartment in Amsterdam to trade it for a backpack, sketchbook…

May 26, 2016

I’m from the Netherlands and my last job was with an online startup which was all about crowd sourced cinema events. I quit that job about a year ago, gave my flat and furniture in Amsterdam to my youngest brother and traded my ordinary life for a backpack filled with paints, pencils and papers. Ever since I’ve been traveling southeast Asia and India while painting sign boards and murals for local businesses, and reporting my travels on my illustrated travel blog www.lilianleahy.com

The idea to travel long term first came to mind when I was traveling in Nepal about 3 years ago. I met some very inspiring people and it was a spiritual journey that’s really engraved in my memories. From that moment on I knew I wanted to travel long term and that Asia had my interest because of yoga and Buddhism.

I’ve come to India to deepen my yoga and meditation practice, get inspired by Indian arts and to experience a few alternative living communities. The idea of a self sustainable community of mindful and creative people appeals to me.

My philosophy is that anyone can make a contribution to one’s happiness, even if it is in the smallest of things.

You have the light, all you need to do is shine. You’ll brighten up any place, and inspire others to shine their light too. I tend to take things day by day. I think rediscovering your creative imagination and getting back in touch with your own body helps a lot in finding contentment and peace within yourself.

Check out Lilian’s artwork at www.lilianleahy.com