“I have few possessions, try to live plastic free, and cuddle any animal that would let me.”

May 26, 2016

I am from Assam but it has been quite some time since I have lived there. I moved out to pursue college and then have been state/city-hopping. The last place that I was at was a reforestation and water conservation project in Auroville where I volunteered for a year.

“Badmash Peepal” is what brought me to Himachal. I had been looking to volunteer at a place and project where I shared similar ideals and philosophy. The fact that Badmash Peepal Farm is working as a stray animal recovery center, is vegan and trying to grow their own food sounded really attractive to me.

Living at Sadhana for a year was life changing for me. I discovered ways to live without being wasteful and met so many wonderful travelers who inspired me with their lives. It is also where I learnt to work with plants and cook delicious gourmet vegan food which are two of my biggest passions at the moment! ;) The nurturing environment of gift economy, un-schooling, non competition, non-violent communication opened up my world on many levels.

Deciding to backpack solo as an Indian woman was a personal challenge to overcome. I like a simple lifestyle. Mindfulness and conscious living are at the core of how I have been choosing to live since some time. I have few possessions, try to live plastic/trash free and cuddle any animal that would let me.

The idea of cycling across borders has been appealing to me since some time now so whenever I get a chance to do that, I think I’d take it.

— Karishma