“Change was and is one of my biggest challenges to overcome.”

May 26, 2016

I grew up in San Diego but spent the last five years living in San Francisco California. After graduating college in ’14, I was working at a dog shelter in San Francisco called Family Dog Rescue!

I wanted to flip my world upside down and go somewhere totally different than what I was used to. India seemed like a vibrant and perfect place to start my trip through Asia.

A major turning point in my life was deciding and preparing to come on this very trip. It all happened so quickly. All within a few months I left my first real job, ended a long-term relationship, moved out of my home in SF, planned my spontaneous trip through Asia with my best friend, and fell in love unexpectedly with said best friend. It was definitely one of the most exciting and emotionally challenging times in my adult life and I grew a lot from the experience. It was a big dose of life!

Change was and is one of my biggest challenges to overcome. I’ve always struggled with the unknown, but have trained myself to push forward and attempt to view change as a good thing. I’m getting better at it slowly but surely! Traveling through India with no real plan is a good way to become quick friends with change!

My philosophy is to do the right thing. As well as treat every living creature with respect and love. And laugh as much as possible!

I’m trying not to stress too much about what I will do after my long travel adventure comes to an end. I’m trying to take everything day by day. But if I were to guess, I see myself getting involved with a non-profit humanitarian organization back in the U.S. most likely. My ultimate dream would be to start a holistic health and therapy retreat, complete with super healthy food, yoga, and rescue animals! (Inspired majorly by my time at Badmash Peepal in fact!)