Vegan Meat Masala Powder

May 27, 2020

Vegan Meat Masala Powder with roasted Indian spices is an easy and tasty recipe. It gives even the veg dishes a wonderful taste and aroma. A variety of dishes can be prepared with this masala. If stored well, can last a long time.


  1. Cumin- 100g
  2. Black Pepper- 50g
  3. Cinnamon- 20g
  4. Clove- 20g
  5. Cardamom (black)- 20g
  6. Cardamom (green)- 20g
  7. Mace- 1 blade
  8. Nutmeg- 1
  9. Fennel - (quantity ask aunty)


  1. Grind it all together to get Meat Masala Powder!