Instant Rasam from Tamil Nadu

May 21, 2020

Contributed by Meenakshi Rajagopalan

An instant rasam recipe is a good alternative without much hassle. basically you just need finely chopped tomatoes and onions with an authentic rasam powder for tomato rasam without dal


  1. Tomatos 3-4 finely chopped

Ingredients for Tempering/ Tadka

  1. Mustard seeds
  2. Dried Red Chilli
  3. Jeera
  4. Hing
  5. Garlic


  1. Chop the tomatoes finely.
  2. In a kadai/pan do tadka with either ghee or oil
  3. Splutter mustard seeds, once the splutter settles add dried red chilli, jeera and hing
  4. Now add tomatoes and garlic sauté for few minutes
  5. Add tamarind water
  6. Now either use rasam powder and salt or add coriander powder, jeera
  7. powder, and black. Pepper with little haldi and salt.
  8. Garnish with kari patta/ curry leaves and hara dhaniya
  9. Boil and instant rasam ready

Second Procedure

  1. In a mixie grind tomatoes, red chilli, coriander seeds, jeera, black pepper with salt, haldi, hara dhaniya stems and leaves and a tiny ball of tamarind.
  2. Grind these into a fine paste
  3. In a Kada/ pani, take ghee or oil, add tadka/ tempering
  4. Add the ground paste and add water.
  5. Add a few hara dhaniya leaves chopped and kari patta/ curry leaves..
  6. Boil and Rasam is ready.