Inji Lehyam from Kerala

May 18, 2020

Contributed by Shubha Hariharan

Inji Lehyam or Ginger Jam is especially made during diwali in South India. It is said to have medicinal values which helps in digestion and prevents stomach problems. It's also popularly known as diwali marundhu or medicine. A small portion of this lehyam is served first thing on the diwali morning. Can be eaten with Roti as Jam coz of its tanginess.


  1. 1/2 cup extracted juice of raw ginger
  2. 1 cup jaggery
  3. 2 tsp Black Pepper powder


  1. Mix everything and stir in kadai/ pan till it becomes halwa like.
  2. Is considered by Ayurveda as an immunity booster as well as a remedy for sore throat/cough and cold.