How to make Dalgona Coffee Ice Cream!

June 24, 2020
How to make Dalgona Coffee Ice Cream!

Internet can't get enough ☕Dalgona☕...and neither can we! Here is a creative way to make a Dalgona Coffee sundae to sweeten up your quarantine life!

We will need some ripe Bananas, which should be cut in smaller pieces and then turned into a bowl. These should then be frozen, best to be left overnight.

Once the bananas are frozen well they are ready to be grinded. Frozen bananas when grinded give a creamy texture to the mix.

We then add them into the blender and blend them gradually, adding more and mixing the bananas in the blender with a service spoon so that they are grinded fine. We then remove this mix onto a container in which we intend freezing the ice cream. The mix is then kept in the freezer for about two hours for freezing.

While the Banana icecream is freezing, we prepare the Dalgona coffee and keep it aside.

Once the Ice cream is frozen, we serve it on the plate with the Dalgona coffee spread on top.  A sprinkle of cocoa powder on top is optional but recommended.

The Dalgona Coffee Sunday is now ready to be savoured.