How to make Dalgona Coffee Cookie Sandwich

June 24, 2020
How to make Dalgona Coffee Cookie Sandwich

It's coffee ☕. It's cookies 🍪. These Dalgona Cookie Sandwiches are a combination of the best things! Great for chai time, an afternoon snack, or after-dinner dessert. Check out our cookie sandwich recipe...DELISH!

Let’s first learn to make Coffee Cookies.

We need a cup of wheat flour, to which we will add one tablespoon of instant Coffee granules, a small spoon of baking powder and little salt.

To this mixture add half a cup of sugar and half a cup of coconut oil too. The sugar can be reduced as per your taste. We will knead this flour to form a dough like Atta.

We now will take small balls of this flour and press them into shapes of cookies.

We will now put these cookies on a baking tray covered with butter paper into a preheated oven. We will bake the cookies for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

In the meantime, we can prepare Dalgona Coffee, the recipe for which is provided in the link below.

Once the cookies are ready, they can be enjoyed at snack time or used to prepare a Dalgona Coffee sandwich.

Take a dollop of the coffee and layer it on a cookie to be topped with another cookie.

The Dalgona Coffee sandwich is now ready. Enjoyyyy!!