How to grow grains without tilling the soil!

June 23, 2020
How to grow grains without tilling the soil!

Most farmers believe you must till your soil to grow grains with high yield...but we use a different method without digging up the earth! Following in the footsteps of Ruth Stout ("Gardening without work") we show you how to grow grains while keeping your soil ecosystem intact!

Here are a few suggestions on how to go about this.

  1. We chop the weeds of our previous crop and lay them on the beds where we want to grow next with the purpose to decompose. We then cover the patch/ bed up with a tarp or a plastic sheet..
  2. The bed needs to be kept covered at least for a month and can be weighed down with stones. This will not only suffocate the weeds we laid but also the new weeds that will sprout on the bed.
  3. After a month , when the patch is uncovered, all the weeds would have withered away, making it easy to clear the patch. The land is also fertile now.
  4. Once done, the seeds of what one wants to plant should be spread over the patch/bed. The soil should be raked just enough to cover the seeds, no digging will be required.

You will see the seeds sprouting in the time that they are expected to grow and all with no tilling!!