Chutney Podi

May 26, 2020

Contributed by Mallika Datt

Chutney Podi is a spiced lentil powder served as condiment to enhance the taste of hot steamed rice, idli and dosa with coconut chutney.


  1. Chana dal 1 part
  2. Urad dal 1 part
  3. Dry Coconut 1 part
  4. As per taste
  5. Dried chillies
  6. Jaggery
  7. Salt
  8. Tamarind powder/ amchoor
  9. A handful of freshly washed curry leaves
  10. Hing / Asafoetida a pinch
  11. Oil - very little


  1. Dry roast the three Dals separately to a golden yellow in a pan/ wok.
  2. Add little oil to hasten the process.
  3. Add Red chillies to the Chana dal while roasting to avoid fumes.
  4. Add Curry leaves, make sure they are dried well.
  5. In the same pan add dry coconut and toast on low flame till aroma begins.
  6. Add a bit of hing/ asafoetida.
  7. Now coarse grind - the Dals (can use the pulse option on the grinder).
  8. Fine grind - red chillies (picked up from the Dals), tamarind powder, salt and jaggery.
  9. Mix all of them thoroughly and taste it.
  10. Can add more jaggery, tamarind powder or salt to taste.

There are several variations to the podi recipe per household depending on taste.