Aloo Baingan (Potatoes and Brinjal) Vegetable

May 29, 2020

Aloo baingan masala is a dish where potatoes and eggplant are cooked in a tasty spiced onion tomato sauce.Is a quick dish that can be ready within just 15 minutes!


  1. Brinjal- 250 gm
  2. Potatoes- 2 medium
  3. Tomatoes- 2 medium
  4. Onion- 1 big
  5. Ginger- ½ inch
  6. Garlic- 4-5 cloves
  7. Cumin- ½ spoon
  8. Salt- to taste (1/4th tbs)
  9. Turmeric- 1/4th tbs
  10. Red chilly powder- To taste
  11. Garam Masala (optional)- to taste
  12. Oil- 4 tbs


  1. Prepare a temper by heating oil in a large frying pan
  2. Add to it cumin. Once the cumin releases oil, add onion
  3. Wait for the onion to brown, and add garlic and ginger.
  4. Next add tomato and wait for it to putrefy
  5. Once the temper seems partially prepared, add to it salt, turmeric, red chilly powder and garam masala.
  6. Chop the brinjal and potatoes and add them to the temper.
  7. Heat the mix on a low flame and stir.
The dish is now ready to be served!